Thursday, November 30, 2006

Something New with a Sidebar Store

OK folks, many of you have asked about knitting books and my recommendations. nudged me toward opening an "aStore" -- it's like having my own bookstore except I don't have to stock anything but then I don't get the big bucks as quickly. However, this will help me keep up with recommending great books for my faithful readers.

So , if you're intersted in getting any knitting books, right-click on the sidebar and open a new window. This will take you to a storefront where I'll get a percentage of whatever you buy -- a win-win, no?

Holler if there are any problems. I'm just starting with this and could use any advice or suggestions (or comments on problems) that you can give.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Bragging Rights, please

Finished Thanksgiving Day 2006! These mittens (with of course a bit of MaryG in them) can be found in two of Elizabeth Zimmermann's books: Knitting Around and Knitter's Almanac. The directions in Knitting Around are missing how to finish the palm tip (! at least in my copy), but the full directions are in Knitter's Almanac. Both books should be on any knitter's shelf (or borrowed frequently from the public library!).

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Knitting in the classroom/homeschool

I just couldn't let unschooling friend Leonie's post about knitting go unheralded (and documented right here). It sounds like we might have another almost convert!

I really like the teacher's reflections that she quotes -- something us knitters have known all along but it's articulated very well here!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Do you see that in the sidebar?

Do you see the "Mark your calendars" section?

Well, here's a closeup of the button:

Yep, I finally have a date set for the retreat up at St. Walburga Abbey. So if you can join us for a weekend of discussion about hand-knit design, prayer and contemplation in the most beautiful spot in Colorado -- please do so. We'd love to have you come.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cool Idea or What?????

I've mentioned the KTC before -- knitting to go along with a classic book. That's a pretty cool idea.

The book for December is the classic, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I just love the idea of knitting and reading good books! And, just in time, we're doing an ornament swap, too! Hmmmm, an ornament with a Dickensian theme .... the mind is starting to work on this one.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


When not blogging, homeschooling, chauffering, or other various mundane tasks ... I'm knitting! I've decided to bring knitting everywhere I go now -- except to the opera -- especially meetings and lectures. I listen so much better and get so much done if I do this. Dh says I probably have a touch of ADHD ... if it lets me knit, so be it!

I have sorely neglected posting my finished objects (FOs). So here you go dear reader:

I started this sweater when we went to St. Walburga Abbey for a knitting retreat back in September. I call this "Rib Tickler Hoodie" as I used different types of rib -- a 6x6 rib for the hem, 2x2 for the cuffs, 2x2 for the raglan shoulder, 3x3 for the neck, and a psuedo rib: garter stitch edge on the hood is "ribbing sideways"!

This is done on 10s with a bumpy, bulky winter white acrylic/wool blend yarn. I knit it in the round to the underarms, did both sleeves on two circs (just like I do socks!) to the underarm, then joined the whole up to the neck -- knitting in the round the entire time. The hood of course is knit flat and finished like the turning of a sock heel.

This is going to be a favorite -- easy to wear, wash and looks better on me than laying flat in this picture!

This wool capelet -- Midnight Skies -- is done from the neck down. If you'll remember, I mentioned visiting the frogpond with this one. Boy, I'm glad I did! This is so comfy to wear -- keeps me warm but not so long that I can't drive!

The capelet comes to about 4 inches above my wrist. As I mentioned, this is knit from the top down, so you can make it as long as YOU want. The lace insert (that starts at the cast on edge) adds just a bit of sophistication to the overall design. This is actually a rather easily remembered repetition of YO's and SSK or K2togs, but it does look elegant!

The yarn is handspun and dyed -- which accounts for the streaks of shades of blue throughout. Just like a midnight sky!

I'm just about finished with another project "The Blues" vest; I'm doing it ala EZ's idea of knitting all in the round and cutting and sewing.....I'll post with the before and after finishing pix!