Friday, July 14, 2006

Latest Project ... or... at least I'm able to knit!

As I mentioned yesterday, we are in a major, life-changing sort of relocation with many things being trusted to God's divine mercy. But, at least I'm knitting things again....

My latest project? Hiking socks for dh. Now, my dh is a very conservative kind of guy -- from his philosophy on life to his clothing selections. What to do when all those cool sock yarns sing their Siren song?

I opted to make his socks out of Lion Brand's "Wool-ease". I chose a color called "denim twist" -- two shades of blue twisted together to give a marled look. Now, this isn't the snazzy patterning sock yarn I love to knit with, but the marled look gives the socks a bit of panache while answering the need for conservative socks.

I'm making them from the toe-up -- both socks on two circulars to make the knitting seem to go faster. Having done the toe, I now am doing a k1p1 rib for the foot (he's got a "duck shaped" foot -- his words not mine) so that the sock will cling in all the right places. I'll then do a short-row heel (ala Priscilla Gibson-Roberts) and finish the sock with a 3x3 rib to make a comfortable top for these hiking socks.

My goal is to leave enough yarn left over to eke out a matching pair for Bam-bam.

I'll post pictures as the project progresses!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Greetings from hot, sunny Colorado!

My last post was May 30th -- I so apologize for taking so long to get back to this blog. Our family has been in a state of "flux" that doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. Here's the story:

In May, we had sold our house in Greenville, moved in with my in-laws for a month and were getting ready to head to Colorado for a two-week family visit and then on to Austria so my dh could earn a Doctorate in Bioethics. Well, it seems God has other plans for us. Around May 20th or so we had the Austrian door "slammed in our face" -- due to a change in visa regulations my children and I would not have been able to accompany dh as "pupils" CANNOT have dependents! A crazy kink in our plans but God's will in all things.

I'm a firm believer in providence and that God NEVER shuts a door (no matter how loudly) without first opening a window. So we went to Plan B: relocating to the Denver metro area. One of my brothers and his wife (and their 10 kids) live in the area and my mother just moved to Catholic senior hiousing there. In addition, we have been wanting to move to the area since we first starting visiting every summer for the past three years.

For us it was a no-brainer.

Logistically, it's been interesting. My dear SIL and brother have kindly extended an invitation for us to stay as long as we need. DH is looking for work in the Catholic system here -- either teacher, principal or something at the Diocesan offices. We're in a great Diocese here, with Archbishop Chaput running things and VERY active, orthodox clergy and parishes! A big difference from the desert-like Catholicism of the South -- here, there is a choice of daily Masses, confessions frequently offered and generally a Catholic culture that is alive and kickin'!We're loving it here and I'm even getting some knitting done -- a pair of hiking socks for dear hubby who is lovin' being so close to the mountains. As a matter of fact, he and my brother are off on a backpacking trip this week with a group of Boy Scouts!

We'd certainly appreciate your prayers as we look for a job, a house, and, most importantly, God's will for our family.....

THANKS for continuing to check this blog -- I'll try to keep it updated.