Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Knitting Retreat Fall 2007

A birthday present from dh had me spending the weekend of my 45th birthday (a week ago) at a beautiful monastery up in north-west Colorado (we're talking on the border of Wyoming!). St. Walburga is an awesome spot where we (SIL and granmere) spent the weekend knitting and praying ... what more could you ask for?

Well, the Retreat director has agreed that I can lead a knitting retreat next FALL. I'm so excited! I'll be talking about designing based on all the elements necessary (color, texture, fiber, etc) as well as discussion of some of the "pros".

As the dates get firmed up, I'll be posting more. If you're in the area I think y'all would really enjoy this chance to get away, knit and pray at a beautiful Catholic spot in northern Colorado!

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