Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Do you see that in the sidebar?

Do you see the "Mark your calendars" section?

Well, here's a closeup of the button:

Yep, I finally have a date set for the retreat up at St. Walburga Abbey. So if you can join us for a weekend of discussion about hand-knit design, prayer and contemplation in the most beautiful spot in Colorado -- please do so. We'd love to have you come.

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AnaB said...

Hi Mary! I'm so inspired by your blog! I learned to knit last year and I have loved it so much. I only knit and purl and am working on an afghan and alot of dishcloths. I'm at a weird place with knitting. I'd like so much to try my hand at other projects but feel I need more instruction. I don't do well most of the time trying to follow book directions, I usually need to "see" somebody do something. How did you progress with knitting? How do you fit knitting in to your busy homeschooling life? I guess I'm not sure how to build on my knitting knowledge right now. That retreat looks so wonderful, but soo far. Sweaters seem too intimidating (and a little unnecessary in Miami, fL), I have already done soo many washcloths, my afghan has taken me a year and I'm still not done. Would it be counterproductive to learn crochet at this point? I wish my projects would move a little faster. It seems like knitting continental style would also be quicker, but I can't seem to get the hang of it. Well, just wanted to chat with you and get your input. You have a lovely, inspiring blog! Soli Deo Gloria! AnaB