Thursday, November 09, 2006


When not blogging, homeschooling, chauffering, or other various mundane tasks ... I'm knitting! I've decided to bring knitting everywhere I go now -- except to the opera -- especially meetings and lectures. I listen so much better and get so much done if I do this. Dh says I probably have a touch of ADHD ... if it lets me knit, so be it!

I have sorely neglected posting my finished objects (FOs). So here you go dear reader:

I started this sweater when we went to St. Walburga Abbey for a knitting retreat back in September. I call this "Rib Tickler Hoodie" as I used different types of rib -- a 6x6 rib for the hem, 2x2 for the cuffs, 2x2 for the raglan shoulder, 3x3 for the neck, and a psuedo rib: garter stitch edge on the hood is "ribbing sideways"!

This is done on 10s with a bumpy, bulky winter white acrylic/wool blend yarn. I knit it in the round to the underarms, did both sleeves on two circs (just like I do socks!) to the underarm, then joined the whole up to the neck -- knitting in the round the entire time. The hood of course is knit flat and finished like the turning of a sock heel.

This is going to be a favorite -- easy to wear, wash and looks better on me than laying flat in this picture!

This wool capelet -- Midnight Skies -- is done from the neck down. If you'll remember, I mentioned visiting the frogpond with this one. Boy, I'm glad I did! This is so comfy to wear -- keeps me warm but not so long that I can't drive!

The capelet comes to about 4 inches above my wrist. As I mentioned, this is knit from the top down, so you can make it as long as YOU want. The lace insert (that starts at the cast on edge) adds just a bit of sophistication to the overall design. This is actually a rather easily remembered repetition of YO's and SSK or K2togs, but it does look elegant!

The yarn is handspun and dyed -- which accounts for the streaks of shades of blue throughout. Just like a midnight sky!

I'm just about finished with another project "The Blues" vest; I'm doing it ala EZ's idea of knitting all in the round and cutting and sewing.....I'll post with the before and after finishing pix!

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This is beautiful! I love the color!

I'm a wannabee knitter. Can you point me in the right direction? Maybe a post that I didn't read yet?