Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Online -- Free Knitting Patterns

OK, I'm cheap -- and I love seeing other's knitting patterns, not so much to make them as written, but to see new techniques or get ideas that I can then adapt to something else.

WELL, have I got a great site for y'all today: Free Knitting Patterns from Julie at "Little Cotton Rabbits". Here's an example of today's posting -- gorgeous, knitted Easter eggs to fill baskets! She has also posted the charts and blank graph paper so you can chart your own! Aren't these cute? She has you knit them flat, seam them and stuff them .... I'll probably make some, but I'll do them in-the-round so I don't have to seam (I HATE seaming!) ... also, I might make them with a bulky and fill them and use a drawstring at one end as "easter baskets" this year!
I love knitting and love thinking of knitting -- oh, if I only had more time TO KNIT!


Jennifer said...

Are these not the cutest things? I love the stocking pattern too. OK, I was wishing you'd stop by this morning, but since you've seen the pattern, would you M1 by picking up the lower yarn in between the stitches? That's what I did and it seems to be quite neat and lovely. Is that how you would approach it as an expert knitter?

Mary G said...


I'll also post this on your blog, but yes, I'd do the m1 as a pickup bar below -- as I might try making these in a bulky (and do a drawstring at the top to make fillable eggs), I will twist the bar as I pick it up so that there is no hole made ....

Remember, different kinds of inc/dec can be decorative -- so you "could" do holes on purpose (yos) and rather than stuffing the egg, stiffen with heavy starch (or water and glue mix) and use a balloon for shaping, than pop the balloon and you'd have a nice, airy egg for a mobile or other decoration. (You could also do lace rather than colorwork for such eggs).

Jennifer said...

Mary - that is a great idea - you could make little lacy eggs. I'm going to have to play with this some. I'm also not a fan of seams, so I'm going to try it in the round today. Thank you so much for your help. You are wonderful!