Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's often the little things ....

.... that REALLY make my day. But this one was so exciting I just had to share with everyone/anyone who reads my blog ....

Amazon has my book listed!
Yep, thanks to the hard-work of my publisher, Margot at Hillside Education, my book Great Yarns for the Close-Knit Family is now officially available on Amazon.

Now this might not be a big deal to some .... but since I'm VERY OFTEN on Amazon, building up their stock by buying books every month, it's nice to know they're selling my book.


Michelle Waters said...

Congratulations! As we have read many of these already (and my girls are just beginning to knit, great timing) we'll be ordering this awesome looking book right away. Thank you!

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,
I am attempting yourEyelet Shruglet from "101 designer..." on page 179.
I saw in the errata that the set up row had been adjusted but even with the correction I can not make Row 1 of the Simple Eyelet lace to work. After I do repeats of K2tog,yo,K2 I am left with one stitch before the marker. What am I doing wrong? I am doing K3,K1,*K2tog,yo,K2: repeating from the *.
Thanks,Pat DeLeeuw

Terri Lynn said...

Congratulations and I so enjoyed your wonderful trunk show of the book at Coppelia's this week! I cannot wait to get my ordered copy! This book will be a blessings of fun for many families and generations to come!!