Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Knitting with the Classics -- what a concept!

If you notice on the sidebar, I have added a "ring" -- Knit the Classics -- is a cool idea originated by a couple of knitting and reading fanatics. The basic premise is that the group reads a book during the month -- this month is Gulliver's Travels -- and everyone comes up with a project reminiscent of the book. The project can be anything that uses fiber -- although the group started as just knitters, any fiber arts (quilting, the "dreaded" crocheting, or stitching) -- and has some connect to the book.

Pretty cool, huh?

AND, I've never read Gulliver so I have a hole in my education that needs filling ... and of course, any excuse for knitting is always a bonus!

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Alice said...

Extremely cool. What a great idea.