Saturday, October 07, 2006

How to Stay Warm and Cozy this winter

I mentioned this in an earier post -- the one suggesting using a bobby pin as a "needle" -- but never got back to posting about it.

Based on a pattern from Amy Singer's book, Knit Wit -- a collection of sometimes goofy, sometimes groovy knitted objects -- these slippers are a dream to knit and really are cozy (trust me, on the hardwood floors in early Fall mornings, they are GREAT!).

I made mine toe-up, two-socks on two-circs, using Lion Brand's Wool , using Ocean Blue Prints. Here's the before felting picture: note that the slippers are more than 12 inches long. The patterning is pretty cool, but does "puddle" a bit.

The felted version is now my foot size (9.5 inches, roughly) and the patterning is much more muted. My slippers are reverse stocking stitch with short row toe and heel.

These slippers took two skeins of the LB Wool, with just a bit left-over yarn. When doing two socks on circs, I always use two skeins -- that way if I have left over I can either make a matching hat or use the yarn as a detail in another pair! I also love to do toe-up socks so that I can make sure the sock will cover my foot and then I just keep knitting until the yarn is almost gone.

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