Saturday, October 07, 2006

Anyone want to join me ....

in offering to knit warm and cozy things for Mongolian children.

Here's the deal: Ryan Morris, owner of Mossy Cottage, has a blog where you can find out all about the Dulaan project (ignore the dates on this page, refer to Ryan's post). If you scroll down to the post about "DULAAN 10,000 or Bust" you can get all the current information for 2006-2007.

Basically, you're knitting for children in Mongolia. Commit to knitting five (which is not much folks) warm and fuzzy things by the end of June 2007. Send them to Ryan and she'll make sure they get to Mongolia. Simple, no?

I'm thinking of doing this with my littles as a homeschooling project -- we'll find out about Mongolia and make things to send. Now, that's real learning!

So, who else will commit?

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