Thursday, August 24, 2006

You Gotta Use what Ya Got!

Greetings! As we get ready to move into our new house (finally!), my need to knit has gotten greater. Today, I finished the knitting on a pair of to-be felted slippers -- a very cool pattern that I stamped with my own little changes -- but that's a story for another post!

As I finished the knitting, I dreamed of felting these cool "test" slippers -- if they worked as planned, I'd be making TONS of 'em for Christmas presents this year. But, as you may not know, ALL my knitting tools (except a few pairs of circs) are in storage as I had packed them in preparation for a transatlantic flight that didn't materialize ... but enough complaining.

What would you use to pull the yarn through the final stitches on a spiral toe? How would you tuck in the yarn from the original cast on? Necessity truly being the mother of invention I used:
a bobby pin

And it worked great.

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