Friday, July 14, 2006

Latest Project ... or... at least I'm able to knit!

As I mentioned yesterday, we are in a major, life-changing sort of relocation with many things being trusted to God's divine mercy. But, at least I'm knitting things again....

My latest project? Hiking socks for dh. Now, my dh is a very conservative kind of guy -- from his philosophy on life to his clothing selections. What to do when all those cool sock yarns sing their Siren song?

I opted to make his socks out of Lion Brand's "Wool-ease". I chose a color called "denim twist" -- two shades of blue twisted together to give a marled look. Now, this isn't the snazzy patterning sock yarn I love to knit with, but the marled look gives the socks a bit of panache while answering the need for conservative socks.

I'm making them from the toe-up -- both socks on two circulars to make the knitting seem to go faster. Having done the toe, I now am doing a k1p1 rib for the foot (he's got a "duck shaped" foot -- his words not mine) so that the sock will cling in all the right places. I'll then do a short-row heel (ala Priscilla Gibson-Roberts) and finish the sock with a 3x3 rib to make a comfortable top for these hiking socks.

My goal is to leave enough yarn left over to eke out a matching pair for Bam-bam.

I'll post pictures as the project progresses!

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