Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Knitting: Knitted Blanket

Here's a blanket I just finished the other day for a friend. It's a fun design that I've played with before ... but I particularly like the edging on this one.
Spread out, the heart bands make a cross -- which is a very cool motif!
This was made on 10s using 2 skeins of TLC Heathers. You start at the center and work your way out ... so it's pretty fun knitting. Also, since I've charted it, I can change the edging by the time I get that far!
Here's another version of the same blanket ... this time done for a boy in "Blue Moon" (a TLC Heather color) and on 11s (so it's a bit drapier than the one above). Here you can see the cross made by the hearts.
This pattern is charted and tons of fun to do!

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Amy said...

Absolutely beautiful, Mary!