Friday, May 30, 2008

Great Yarns: I'm baaaaaaaack!

I had the BEST time up at Lynette's shop in Frederick, Colorado. Knitter's Nest is truly a haven for knit-a-holics and a hot-bed of fiber fanatics!

The turn-out, on this beautiful Spring-like Friday evening was great (at least a dozen wonderful ladies and even a few young un's knittin' away too!). They seemed to like Great Yarns and the designs ... and some of them homeschool!

Dh took the littles and we made an afternoon of it ... them to play at the park, read and eat McD's "sundaes" and mom to knit and talk about knitting for more than 2-1/2 hours! What more could I want?

Mary, one of the group from the In the Spirit of Design retreat came down -- her friend Melissa was to come too, but her date with the "Sock Monkey" won out! Maybe next time I'm in Colorado, huh Melissa????

But you do need to check out Lynette's shop ... it's a cozy nest of beautiful yarns, tools, and books (including a lending library!) and a fabulous place to spend a Friday evening! So, if you're ever in Frederick, CO (less than 30 minutes from Denver) ... do stop and shop at Knitter's Nest -- you'll love it!

THANKS to all the KN regulars for the warm welcome and the hospitality.

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