Thursday, April 10, 2008

Custom Knitting: woman's sweater

I just (finally) finished a sweater for my mom ... it's knit using Knit Picks washable Swish.This yarn feels so nice while knitting and washes marvelously. Using a US7, I got a great "hand" with a gauge of 6.25/inch. It's a standard, drop-shoulder cardigan, but since she wanted it longer than most sweaters (it's about 3 inches longer than a normal sweater) and she likes plain ... it was quite boring to knit. Since it's a cardigan, it was just knitting back and forth, back and forth.

The hipband, knit-in button-band and neck are seed stitch and I added just a hint of color (using a skein of Swish bare) to make it a bit more fun and interesting. The sleeves are knit from the armhole down ... working in the round to avoid seams, and finishing with a k1p1 rib on US2 dpns -- I've found that ribs are heartier when you go down quite a few sizes from the body needles.

She likes it, though and in the final analysis -- that's ALL that matters!


Jennifer said...

Thanks Mary! I was just about to place an order for this yarn, but wondered how to would knit up. Your cardigan is gorgeous. I love the subtle details.

Joannof10 said...

This is just beautiful!

Mary G said...

Jennifer -- yes this yarn is wonderful to work with. And I like that KnitPicks has the cream in "bare" so you can dye it if you want to get just the right shade!

Joann -- thanks for the compliment; it looks really nice on her too!