Monday, November 12, 2007

Books: the book I'd have written ...

... if I wrote a book on one of my favorite subjects: ethnic knitting!

Well, it seems Donna Druchunas wrote my book -- Ethnic Knitting Discovery: The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and the Andes -- and did an excellent job, too! For the "get go", I like this book ... it's written on recycled paper (so it has a matte finish rather than the glossy paper everyone wants to use that is SO HARD to read unless you're at just the right angle with the light ....), the books assumes knitting knowledge and the idea that ANYONE can design their own given the proper tools.

She gives her "directions" in three ways -- the first (and my preferred way) by just giving the basic numbers and letting the knitter figure out all else, the second is for the perfectionists who want all the numbers and definite schematic before starting, and the third, a tep-by-step guide to knitting each type of sweater.

This is a great designer book -- a good overview of the history of knitting in the area, a brief bit about the usual colors or stitches used, something about how the knitting is done (special cast ons, yarn-holding, etc), and than a couple of sample sweaters.

A fabulous read on a fascinating subject ... especially useful for those who want to try designing. ENJOY!

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