Thursday, October 04, 2007

Color: now this is cool

Thanks to a mention on Mia's One Hour Craft blog, I have found a very cool site! Have you ever wondered what combination of stripes would look best? How many rows of one color and another and another? Would the red really look good close to the yellow?

Well, the Stripe Generator from KissYourShadow. Kiss Your Shadow is an online journal and if you click her home page -- well, you just better have a full belly because she has pictures of some of the most gorgeous food you'll ever want to try! Click on her crafts link and you'll see some of her knitting as well as other crafts.

But back to the Stripe Generator -- you click on as many colors as you want, how many rows for stripes (you can click one number or every number). The program that generates a random mix of stripes in the colors and numbers you've chosen. If you don't like the first set, click F5 on your keyboard to refresh the screen and get a newly generated mix ... VERY COOL! She also then has a text box that gives you the "directions" for obtaining the picture.

I tried to do a screen capture but was unable to do so. Just go play with it ... you'll see what I mean by the coolness of it all!

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