Saturday, October 27, 2007

Charity Knitting: Knitting for the Homeless

What better way to spend a Saturday morning: String Bean and I met up with my SIL, neice and SIL's mom and knitted from 9-11 a.m. (and this was after being up till midnight watching the fantastic movie Bella)! But, it wasn't "aimless" knitting or selfish knitting -- this was knitting hats, gloves and other things for the homeless!

Yep, seems Panera Bread at Cherry Creek North has teamed up with The Shivering Sheep at Coppelia's to host a weekly "knit-in" at Panera. From the first Saturday of October until the last Saturday in April, knitters from all over town converge on Panera at about 9:00 a.m., settle in with a complimentary cup of coffee, and begin the process of knitting articles for the homeless. All ages come -- today String Bean (at 7) and crocheting neice (at 10) were the youngest -- including a young engaged couple (where the male knit his FIRST hat and started on his first scarf, all to be donated to homeless folks), 30 somethings, my SIL and I (who are 40-somethings!) and older ladies too.

This is the 5th! year Coppelia's has sponsored this unique Charity knitting project! Over the past 4 years, this project has netted over 4500 pieces for the homeless in the Denver area. And if today's turnout was any indication, we'll be able to add ALOT to that total this year!

Because of course, String Bean (and I) wants to go back ....

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