Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another capelet ...

... this one for String Bean's First Holy Communion dress. The prettiest dress I could find for our little String Bean was sleeveless -- which will be fine for her cousin's wedding in SC in June -- but not quite appropriate for Mass (especially in April in Colorado!). So I wanted to make her something unique, pretty and that would complement her dress.

Here's what I came up:

And here's a closeup: It turned out exactly as I envisioned -- simple but sophisticated, light and airy while keeping her shoulders/upper arms warm, complementary to the dress (hits just above the attached sash). It's knit with Lion Brand's Babysoft, an acrylic that knits up beautifully and keeps a crispness to the garment (and it's machine washable -- really important around here).

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Alice said...

I love this!!! It is beautiful!

By the way, did you know that tomorrow is the feast day of St. Rafqa?