Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Meaning Behind my Logo

So, I bet you've been wondering about my logo. I'm sure you can tell that this is the Blessed Virgin Mary, knitting with Jesus on her knee. Isn't it cool? With a name like "Mary", how could I have any other patroness than the Blessed Mother herself?

Here's the story behind it all. This is the original clip-art I found when browsing the web. It's from a block print that was housed in the Tate (but has since been sold). This block print was done by artist Eric Gill (1882-1940) , a British printmaker. The Latin around the outside , roughly translates to: All Praise the God Who Creates.

Once I saw it, I knew it would make a great logo with some tweaking. So I got my brother, who is an awesome "freelance illustrator" named Paul Nowak, to create a logo based on this print.

I like Paul's version as the Blessed Mother has almost a 1920s look to her. I love the idea that Mary is knitting with Jesus on her knee, holding him while knitting his seamless garment which would show up again during His Passion and Death.

The name of my knitting work, "By Hand, With Heart ... hand-knit designs", comes from the idea that everything I create -- whether for personal use or commercial use -- is always created from my heart. I love yarns and knitting and seeing the creation that God has given me the talent to make. All of my work is done by hand and I am the only knitter. I've always got something on the needles -- sometimes more than one project at a time.

I hope you enjoy perusing my knitting musings as well as pictures of some of my favorite projects and links to my favorite resources.


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Alice said...

How beautiful and special! I can't think of a better logo for you! Your brother is extremely talented as well.