Friday, March 03, 2006

"A Symphony for the Sheep"

In Mary Azarian's absolutely beautifully illustrated A Symphony for the Sheep (written by C.M. Millen), a special place is given to knitters. About the middle of the book (and thus, the middle of the "song"), Mrs. Millen writes:

Now knitting is better
because you are able
to knit while you natter
and chat while you cable.
While weavers are loners
and spinners keep quiet
two knitters together
can make quite a riot
and several can gather
together and blather
while outfitting sweaters
that outwit the weather.
Which might be the reason
that in every season
as rain fills the sky
Irish wit remains dry!
Knitters chat and knit
chat and knit
chat and knit and natter.
Knitters chat and slip
chat and knit
chat and purl.

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Rebecca said...

I just love that book. Mary Azarian's woodcut illustrations are gorgeous as is the text. This is a wonderful knitting blog...thanks for sharing it with us!